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Laser Cleaner & Rust Remover

High Preicision, Faster, Safer, Lower-cost, Eco-friendly Rust, Oil, Paint, Coating, Film Cleaning & handheld laser rust remover

Rust Cleaning Laser - Top Laser Cleaning Machine & Laser Rust Removal Tool

Die HCC-Serie hat eine hohe Leistung von 1000W, 2000W, und 3000W CW Faserlaser. Er wird vor allem zur Rostentfernung und für andere Anwendungen eingesetzt.

Mit PULSED fiber laser, the harm-to-material is zero, which is a better alternative for ultra-high precision cleaning tasks.

It is with PULSED fiber laser, super compact A4 size and 8 Kgs light weight backpack portable design.

Das HCP-S ist super kompakt, tragbar und handlich. PULSED Faserlaser-Reinigungssystem ist die ideale Wahl für mobile Reinigungsaufgaben.

ABOUT Laser cleaner

JCZ LASERCHINA  ( for cleaning business), with China SSE STOCK CODE: 688291, established in 2004, is one of the leading companies providing core laser parts, machines, and solutions, and persistently committing to advanced automation and intelligent manufacturing with laser.

Our laser clearners and laser rust removal tool products are highly trusted and appraised by global customers, especially the control systems, scanning systems, and laser processing equipment.

By the end of 2021, we have established close cooperation with 5000+ laser companies in 100+ countries.

A 100+ R&D team with software, optical, electrical, and mechanical backgrounds will make us stay innovative and offer first-level products and excellent service to world partners, jointly promoting the development of the global laser industry.

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CW VS gepulster Laser-Reiniger

Gepulste und CW-Laser sind die beiden beliebtesten Lasertypen zum Reinigen und Entfernen. Jeder Typ hat seine eigenen Merkmale.
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Was unsere Kunden sagen

Wir haben seit 2006 eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit JCZ. Sie sind sehr professionell und wir arbeiten bei fast allen unseren Laserprojekten zusammen.
Evelyn Thompson
We are very satisfied with JCZ products and services. We buy handheld laser rust remover and other laser products from only JCZ for all my projects.
Mike Spencer