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Deep cleaning anilox rolls by laser

In the world of printing, maintaining the quality and efficiency of printing presses is crucial for achieving consistent and high-quality prints. One critical component of a printing press is the anilox roll, responsible for delivering a precise amount of ink to the printing plate. Over time, anilox rolls accumulate ink residue and contaminants, leading to reduced print quality and increased downtime. Traditional cleaning methods often fall short in fully restoring the anilox rolls, but a revolutionary solution has emerged: laser anilox cleaner. This article explores how laser technology is transforming the maintenance process and optimizing printing press performance.

How it works

The laser anilox cleaner works based on a straightforward principle: using focused laser beams to remove ink residues and contaminants from the anilox roll's surface.  Here's a brief explanation of how it works:

1.Laser System Setup: The laser anilox cleaner consists of a high-energy laser source, a beam delivery system, and advanced control software.  The laser energy is precisely calibrated for optimal cleaning without damaging the anilox roll.

2.Focused Laser Beams: The laser beams are directed onto the surface of the anilox roll, specifically targeting the ink residues and contaminants.  The laser beams are focused to ensure high precision and accuracy during the cleaning process.

3.Energy Absorption: When the laser beams interact with the ink residues and contaminants, the energy is absorbed, causing the ink to vaporize.  This vaporization process breaks down and dislodges the deposits from the anilox surface.

4.Non-Contact Cleaning: As the laser beams vaporize the ink residues and contaminants, there is no physical contact with the anilox roll.  This non-contact method eliminates the risk of mechanical damage or wear, preserving the integrity of the roll.

5.Removal of Vaporized Residues: The vaporized ink residues and contaminants are typically captured by an extraction system to prevent them from re-depositing onto the anilox roll or dispersing into the air.  This ensures a clean and controlled cleaning environment.

6.Customizable Settings: The advanced control software allows operators to adjust various parameters such as laser power, scanning speed, and cleaning patterns.  These settings can be customized according to the specific cleaning requirements, ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency.

7.Inspection and Verification: After the cleaning process, the anilox roll can be inspected to verify the effectiveness of the cleaning.  This may involve using specialized tools or imaging systems to ensure that the ink residues and contaminants have been thoroughly removed.

Why use laser for anilox rolls and sleeves?

1.Superior Cleaning Efficiency: Anilox laser cleaning provides a level of cleaning efficiency that surpasses traditional methods.  The focused laser beams can penetrate deep into the cells of the anilox rolls or sleeves, effectively removing even the toughest ink residues, including dried and polymerized inks.  This results in a more thorough and complete cleaning process.

2.Non-Destructive Cleaning: Anilox laser cleaning is a non-contact method, meaning there is no physical scraping or abrasion involved.  This eliminates the risk of damaging the delicate cell structure or engraving of the anilox rolls and sleeves.  The laser energy selectively targets the ink residues and contaminants, leaving the roll or sleeve intact and undamaged.

3.Customizable Cleaning Parameters: Laser cleaning systems offer flexibility and customization options.  Operators can adjust various parameters such as laser power, scanning speed, and cleaning patterns to cater to specific cleaning requirements.  This allows for precise and tailored cleaning, ensuring optimal results for different types of anilox rolls and sleeves.

Special features

1.Precision Cleaning: Laser anilox cleaner is highly precise and can target specific contaminants on the anilox surface. It can penetrate deep into the cells, ensuring thorough cleaning without affecting the cell structure or engraving. This precision cleaning ensures optimal ink flow and consistent print quality.

2.Efficient and Fast: Laser cleaning offers superior cleaning efficiency, even for tough ink residues, including dried and polymerized inks. The focused laser beams can quickly dislodge and remove contaminants, reducing downtime and increasing productivity compared to traditional cleaning methods.

3.Versatility: Laser anilox cleaners are versatile and can be used for cleaning various types of anilox rolls, regardless of cell geometry, line screen counts, or volume measurement units. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of printing applications.


Deep cleaning anilox rolls by laser has revolutionized the maintenance of printing presses, providing an advanced and efficient solution for tackling ink residues and contaminants. The superior cleaning efficiency, time and cost savings, extended anilox lifespan, and environmental benefits make laser cleaning an indispensable tool for print houses and packaging companies. As the printing industry continues to evolve, laser anilox cleaner offers a transformative approach to ensure consistent print quality and maximize the performance of printing presses. Embracing this innovation will undoubtedly lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved customer satisfaction in the world of printing.

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Deep cleaning anilox rolls by laser
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