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Different Power Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaner Machines

Different Power Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaner Machines

Pulse fiber laser cleaning machines have revolutionized the field of industrial cleaning, offering efficient, eco-friendly, and precise solutions for a wide range of applications.  These cutting-edge machines come in various power options, each tailored to meet specific cleaning requirements.  In this article, we will explore the features and applications of different power pulse fiber laser cleaner machines, including the 100W, 200W, 300W, and 500W models.

The working principle of laser cleaning

Before understanding the effectiveness of laser cleaning equipment, we need to first grasp the principle of laser cleaning. Its fundamental principle lies in exploiting the differential absorption of laser energy by the base material and contaminants at different wavelengths. For instance, when cleaning rust from a cast iron workpiece, the melting point, boiling point, and vaporization temperature of cast iron and rust differ. Under laser irradiation, the rust absorbs laser energy, leading to vaporization, vibration, and instantaneous thermal expansion, ultimately detaching it from the surface of the base material, thereby achieving the goal of cleaning.

Different power laser cleaning machine difference

100W Laser Cleaning Machine:

The 100W pulse fiber laser cleaner machine is a compact and portable solution suitable for light to medium-duty cleaning tasks. This model is ideal for removing rust, paint, and contaminants from small parts, delicate surfaces, and areas with intricate details. Its lower power output ensures gentle cleaning while maintaining high precision and control, making it suitable for industries such as electronics, jewelry, and precision manufacturing.

200W Laser Cleaning Machine:

The 200W pulse fiber laser cleaner machine offers a step up in power and versatility, catering to a broader range of applications. With increased power, it is capable of handling medium to heavy-duty cleaning tasks on larger surfaces, including removing coatings, oxides, and pollutants from metal structures, automotive parts, and machinery components. The 200W model strikes a balance between speed and precision, making it a popular choice for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and marine.

300W Laser Cleaning Machine:

Stepping up further, the 300W pulse fiber laser cleaner machine delivers even more power and efficiency. It is designed to tackle more demanding cleaning tasks, such as heavy rust removal, thick paint stripping, and deep cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces. The 300W model is commonly employed in industrial manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, where thorough cleaning and surface preparation are essential.

500W Laser Cleaning Machine:

At the highest end of the power spectrum, the 500W pulse fiber laser cleaner machine is a powerhouse capable of handling the most challenging cleaning applications. With its exceptional power output, it can efficiently clean heavily corroded surfaces, thick paint layers, and industrial-scale equipment. The 500W model is extensively used in shipyards, foundries, and large-scale manufacturing facilities, where speed and effectiveness are paramount.


·Automotive Industry: The different power pulse fiber laser cleaner machines find extensive use in the automotive sector for paint stripping, rust removal, and general surface cleaning on various car components.

·Aerospace and Aviation: From removing coatings on aircraft surfaces to cleaning delicate aviation components, these machines play a crucial role in maintaining safety and performance standards.

·Restoration and Conservation: Artifacts, historical monuments, and ancient structures benefit from the precise and non-intrusive cleaning offered by these machines, preserving their original beauty and integrity.

·Manufacturing: Industrial equipment, machinery, and tools often require cleaning during production processes. The different power options cater to various cleaning needs in the manufacturing sector.

·Electronics and Precision Engineering: Delicate electronic components and intricate machinery demand gentle and precise cleaning, and the 100W model fits the bill perfectly.


The different power pulse fiber laser cleaner machines have revolutionized industrial cleaning processes across various sectors. From small-scale delicate cleaning to heavy-duty industrial applications, these machines offer efficient, eco-friendly, and precise cleaning solutions. As technology advances, the versatility and effectiveness of these machines will continue to grow, transforming the landscape of industrial cleaning.

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    Different Power Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaner Machines
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