Q: How to test the sample to be cleaned?

Upon receiving the sample, we design a fixture and create a test plan. Detailed process tests are then conducted to analyze and compare the performance of various materials before and after cleaning. A comprehensive process report is issued based on the results.

Q: Is laser cleaning safe? Will it burn my eyes?

Laser cleaning uses a 1064nm wavelength band, which is invisible light. When used and operated correctly, it is safe for operators, employees, and the environment.

Q: Do I need a laser safety officer to use laser cleaning equipment?

While we provide comprehensive safety training, it is recommended to designate a laser safety officer to ensure safe production.

Q: Is laser cleaning the same as laser cutting?

No, laser cleaning and cutting are different processes. Cutting uses a continuous laser for cutting through thermal effects, while laser cleaning uses pulsed lasers for cleaning through impact, vibration, and thermal expansion.

Q: How long does it take to order a laser cleaning machine?

The supply cycle for handheld cleaning equipment with 100-500W power is typically one month. If additional automation equipment is required, the supply time will be determined based on complexity.

Q: How wide is the beam of a general cleaning machine? Can we expand the range?

The scanning line width of the laser cleaning head can be adjusted from 1-10cm. Currently, it is not possible to expand the scanning range.

Q: How fast is laser cleaning?

The speed of laser cleaning depends on the laser power, the type of dirt, and its thickness. For a general 500W laser cleaning device, the rust removal speed is 8-10m2/h, and the paint removal efficiency for layers below 200 microns is 4-5m2/h.

Q: What are the specific power requirements for laser cleaning technology?

The power requirements vary based on the type of laser cleaning equipment used. Low-power lasers typically use a 220V power supply, while medium and high-power lasers require a 380V three-phase power supply.

Q: What kind of environment is more suitable for using a laser system?

Laser systems are suitable for long-term work in environments with temperatures ranging from 0-45°C and humidity levels below 60%.

By understanding these key aspects of laser cleaning technology, users can make informed decisions and ensure safe and effective utilization of this advanced cleaning method.

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