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Laser Cleaning Machine for Wood: Restore the Natural Beauty

Traditional rust removal methods include manual rust removal, mechanical rust removal, and chemical rust removal. Both manual and mechanical rust removal involve physical grinding and polishing, while chemical rust removal relies on chemical reactions between acids and metals. These rust removal methods have their shortcomings in terms of work efficiency, consumable costs, environmental pollution, and workload.
The backpack laser cleaning machine, on the other hand, is a new type of industrial surface treatment tool that offers non-abrasive, non-contact cleaning. It is suitable for various processing environments and materials. The cleaning process does not require the use of chemical agents or consumables. The waste material removed during the cleaning process is in the form of solid powder, which is easy to store and recycle. This innovative technology is one of the most reliable, effective, environmentally friendly, and safe solutions for industrial surface treatment today. It also represents the future trend of industrial cleaning.

Principle of laser cleaning

What is the principle of a backpack laser cleaning machine? Laser cleaning is the process of removing material from a solid (or sometimes liquid) surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. At low laser fluence, the absorbed laser energy heats up the material and causes it to evaporate or sublime. At high laser fluence, the material typically converts into a plasma. Generally, laser cleaning refers to the use of pulsed lasers to remove material. However, if the laser intensity is high enough, material ablation can be achieved using continuous-wave laser beams. Excimer lasers, which emit deep ultraviolet light, are primarily used for photoablation. The laser wavelength used for photoablation is typically around 200nm. The depth of laser energy absorption and the amount of material removed per individual laser pulse depend on the material's optical properties as well as the laser wavelength and pulse duration. The total mass of the target ablated per laser pulse is often referred to as the ablation rate. Laser radiation characteristics such as the scanning speed of the laser beam and the coverage of the scanning lines significantly influence the ablation process.

Application of Laser cleaning machine for wood

Cleaning of Wooden Artifacts

Backpack laser cleaning machine can be used to clean the surfaces of wooden artifacts, including carvings, furniture, wood sculptures, and more. By focusing a high-energy laser beam, it is possible to quickly and accurately remove dirt, paint, coatings, and oxidation from the surface of wood, restoring its original natural beauty.

Wood Restoration and Refinishing

For antique furniture, cultural relics, historical buildings, and other wooden materials that require restoration and refinishing, laser cleaning can effectively remove deep-seated stains, pigments, and coatings, while preserving the original texture and grain of the wood. Compared to traditional chemical treatments and mechanical sanding, laser cleaning causes less damage to the wood and improves the efficiency of the restoration process.

Wood Surface Preparation

Prior to woodworking and painting processes,backpack laser cleaning machine can remove grease, dust, and other contaminants from the surface of wood, providing a clean substrate for subsequent coating, bonding, and processing operations. Cleaning the wood surface improves the adhesion and surface quality of coatings, ensuring the durability and aesthetic appeal of the final product.

Enhancement of Wood Texture

Laser cleaning can selectively remove cellulose fibers from the wood surface, altering the texture and feel of the wood, thereby creating unique visual effects and tactile sensations. This application is often used in interior decoration, furniture design, and art creation to give wood a personalized appearance.


Backpack laser cleaning machines have revolutionized the process of wood cleaning, providing an effortless and efficient solution. With their precision, versatility, and environmentally friendly attributes, laser machines are transforming the way wood surfaces are restored and maintained. Whether in the realm of furniture restoration, art conservation, or woodworking, laser wood cleaning is paving the way for a new era of effortless and sustainable cleaning practices.

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Laser Cleaning Machine for Wood: Restore the Natural Beauty
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