The laser cleaning machine has been one of the significant laser processing machines employed in the manufacturing industry. With the booming development of the new energy industry, the demand for lithium batteries has increased sharply, which also presents new challenges to the cleaning process of this type of battery for sustainable development. The laser cleaner has been regarded as an important alternative to fulfill relevant needs.

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The cleaning of tabs and shells of lithium batteries has been attached high importance to as both of them play an essential role in the stability of lithium batteries. The accuracy of cleaning these parts is high, which cannot be achieved by traditional cleaning methods. The laser rust removal machine, in contrast, is able to accomplish precision cleaning with little or even without damage to the surface of tabs and shells of lithium batteries.

In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, the coating on battery tabs has to be cleaned off to ensure the inner stability of lithium batteries before welding. The main methods to remove the coating include mechanical scraping, chemical cleaning, and laser cleaning. The first two methods have numerous disadvantages, such as the generation of consumables and damage to the surface of battery tabs.

The rust cleaning laser, in contrast, is able to remove surface coatings efficiently from lithium batteries in different sizes, improves foil performance, and guarantees the stability inside the lithium batteries as well, all of which make it advantageous over other traditional methods. The laser metal cleaner has gone popular among various fields due to the potential it can bring to related manufacturing scenarios, ranging from environmental protection, high cleanliness, low cost to few or even no consumables.

The cleanliness of shells of lithium batteries holds the key to the high energy density, service life, and safety of lithium batteries. The shell of lithium batteries is normally polluted by the oil used in its manufacturing process, which makes it difficult to clean, especially in high-temperature circumstances.

As new laser cleaning equipment, the fiber laser cleaning machine makes it easier to clean such oil pollution. It is capable of removing carbon, oil, metal chips, and other stains from the surface of lithium batteries effectively without producing scratches and burrs, thereby improving the comprehensive performance of lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries have been recognized as an essential part of the accelerated development of new-energy vehicles and their production requires strict cleaning results, which be achieved by the laser rust cleaning machine, although there is still a long way to go. If you are interested in learning more about laser cleaning products, we invite you to visit our partner website.

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