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Laser Cleaning of Oil Stains

Laser cleaning of oil stains: a fast, efficient, and accurate method to remove surface oil stains. In today's high-tech era, laser cleaning of oil stains (excluding paint) has become the preferred method due to its fast, efficient, and accurate characteristics. This technology is simple to operate, stable, and reliable, with almost zero maintenance costs. In equipment maintenance and workpiece processing, laser cleaning of oil stains does not damage the substrate. The equipment can be operated automatically, and the operation is simple. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and does not cause secondary pollution.

Working principle of laser cleaning of oil stains

The working principle of laser cleaning of oil stains is to use laser energy to instantly act on the paint coating, causing it to absorb laser energy and quickly convert it into heat energy. This process rapidly increases the temperature of the paint to the gasification temperature, achieving the effect of removing the paint. During the paint removal process, the distribution of laser intensity is opposite to the residual cross-sectional image of the paint coating that we see. This is because the heat generated by the area with higher light intensity is much higher than that generated by the area with weaker light intensity. Therefore, the effect of removing paint is not only affected by the output energy density of the laser but also by the quality of the laser beam output by the laser device, which depends on the parameters of the laser device used.

Effectiveness of different types of lasers in removing paint

Research has shown that using a Q-switched laser for removing paint is better than other types of lasers, especially when substrate damage is not considered. Since there are many types of chemicals in paint, it is impossible to define its composition specifically. The differences in thermal and optical properties of different types of paints cause different thresholds for removing paint. This point is fully reflected in our analysis, calculation, simulation, and experimental results. Therefore, choosing an appropriate type of laser is crucial for achieving the best effect in removing paint.

Advantages and application fields of laser cleaning of oil stains

Laser cleaning of oil stains technology not only performs well in cleaning oil stains but also has broad application prospects in other fields. The following are some advantages and application fields of laser cleaning of oil stains technology:

  1. Environmental protection and energy saving
    Laser cleaning of oil stains does not require the use of chemical solvents during the process, reducing environmental pollution and meeting modern environmental requirements. At the same time, laser cleaning is an energy-saving and efficient cleaning method that reduces energy consumption.
  2. Aerospace and automotive industries
    In the aerospace and automotive industries, strict requirements are placed on the cleaning of parts. Laser cleaning of oil stains technology can quickly and efficiently clean oil stains and paint residues on the surface of parts to ensure their quality and performance.
  3. Restoration and protection of cultural relics
    Laser cleaning technology also plays an important role in the restoration and protection of cultural relics. Traditional cleaning methods may damage cultural relics when removing paint residues on ancient cultural relics' surfaces. However, laser cleaning technology can completely remove paint residues without damaging cultural relics' surfaces.
  4. Manufacturing of electronic and optoelectronic devices
    In the manufacturing field of electronic and optoelectronic devices, strict requirements are placed on the cleaning of oil stains on parts' surfaces to ensure device performance and stability. Laser cleaning technology can perform precise cleaning at a microscopic scale to meet high-precision device manufacturing needs.


As an efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly cleaning technology, laser cleaning of oil stains (excluding paint) has broad application prospects. In various fields' applications, laser cleaning technology can bring high-quality and efficient cleaning solutions to various industries. However, when selecting suitable types of lasers and adjusting paint removal parameters, optimization must be performed according to different materials' characteristics and workpieces. With technological progress, we believe that laser cleaning technology will show its unique advantages in more fields and make greater contributions to human society's development and progress.

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    Laser Cleaning of Oil Stains
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