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Laser Cleaning of Welding and Oxidation Layers

Laser cleaning technology has been increasingly popular in the field of metal processing. It is an efficient, environmentally friendly and non-contact cleaning method widely used for the purification of welding surfaces and the removal of oxidation layers. This article will explore in-depth the operation process, advantages, and applications of laser cleaning for welding and oxidation layers in different industries.

Introduction to Laser Cleaning Technology

Laser cleaning technology uses a laser beam to clean metal surfaces. By instantaneously irradiating high-energy lasers, dirt or oxides can quickly evaporate or peel off, achieving the purpose of purifying metal surfaces and removing oxidation layers. This technology has broad application prospects in industrial production, especially in the field of welding surface cleaning.

Operation Process of Laser Cleaning for Welding and Oxidation Layers

Automated Cleaning for Small Workpieces

For small workpieces, automated laser cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning. The cleaning time will be affected by the thickness of the oxide layer, so actual testing is needed to determine the specific cleaning time in production.

Sliding Platform Cleaning for Large Workpieces

For large workpieces, a sliding platform can be designed for cleaning. This method can ensure the stability of the workpiece and improve cleaning efficiency.

Handheld Operation for Complex Parts

For complex parts, handheld laser cleaning equipment can be used for more precise cleaning of welding and oxidation layers to ensure cleaning effectiveness.

Shortcomings of Traditional Cleaning Methods

In the past, traditional methods such as acid washing, shot blasting, and sandpaper polishing were commonly used to clean welding and oxidation layers. However, these methods have several problems. Firstly, they cause pollution to the environment, which does not meet modern environmental protection requirements. Secondly, they are inefficient and time-consuming, leading to a waste of human resources. Additionally, traditional methods are difficult to achieve high-precision cleaning and can easily damage the workpiece surface.

Advantages of Laser Cleaning Technology

As a modern high-tech technology, laser cleaning technology has the following advantages:

Efficiency: The laser cleaning process is fast, greatly improving cleaning efficiency.
Environmental protection: The laser cleaning process does not require chemical agents and does not produce waste water or gas, making it environmentally friendly.
High precision: The laser beam can be accurately controlled to achieve precise cleaning of welding and oxidation layers without damaging the workpiece surface.
Automation: Laser cleaning equipment can be operated automatically, reducing manual intervention.

Applications of Laser Cleaning Technology

Laser cleaning technology has wide applications in various industries, including but not limited to:

Automotive Industry

Laser cleaning technology can be used for cleaning automotive welding surfaces, ensuring high welding quality and improving manufacturing quality.

Precision Tool Production

In the process of precision tool manufacturing, laser cleaning technology can effectively remove lubricants and impurities from metal surfaces to ensure product quality.

Shipbuilding Industry

In shipbuilding processes, laser cleaning technology can be used for cleaning ship body welding and oxidation layers to improve structural strength and painting quality.


Laser cleaning for welding and oxidation layers is an efficient and environmentally friendly method for cleaning metal surfaces with broad application prospects. It has important application values in industries such as automotive manufacturing, precision tool production, and shipbuilding. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning technology has obvious advantages, bringing higher efficiency and quality to industrial production.

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Laser Cleaning of Welding and Oxidation Layers
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