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Laser Cleaning Technology: Advancing Stone Surface Cleaning

Laser cleaning technology has proven to be a superior method for cleaning stone materials, such as stone carvings, fine structures, and ancient stone cultural relics. This innovative approach offers numerous advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including efficiency, water conservation, and precise control. In this article, we will explore the mechanism behind laser cleaning, its application in stone surface cleaning, and the unique benefits it brings to the field.

Laser Cleaning Mechanism

The effectiveness of laser cleaning relies on the optical properties of the target material and the attached dirt. The mechanism can be categorized into two types. The first type exploits the difference in absorption coefficients of laser energy between the material and the dirt. This leads to the dirt absorbing the laser energy, heating up, expanding, and volatilizing, thereby separating from the material. The second type utilizes laser pulses to induce mechanical resonance, thermal expansion, photolysis, and phase transition, effectively breaking the bonds between the dirt and the material's surface for efficient cleaning.

Challenges in Stone Surface Cleaning

Stone surfaces present unique challenges due to the physical and weak chemical forces that bind dirt to the surface. Natural stone contains numerous micropores, intensifying the bonding forces and making traditional cleaning methods less effective. Laser cleaning, with its monochromatic and directional light radiation, offers targeted cleaning effects. It employs mechanical resonance, shock waves, and processes such as evaporation, gasification, and decomposition of dirt molecules. By carefully selecting the laser wavelength, controlling energy density, and adjusting pulse frequency and amplitude, laser cleaning can effectively remove dirt particles from stone surfaces, including those lodged within micropores.

Synergistic Cleaning Mechanisms

Cleaning dirt from stone surfaces often requires a combination of mechanisms. The frequency and amplitude of the laser beam are adjusted to ensure optimal absorption of light energy by the dirt. The repeated impact of laser pulses loosens the dirt on the surface and within micropores. When the impact force surpasses the adsorption force between the dirt particles and the matrix, the dirt particles detach from the surface. Additionally, when the laser photon energy exceeds the bond energy of the dirt molecules, photolysis and photostripping effects occur. The laser's energy density can also lead to the thermal stripping and detachment of inorganic fouling. To enhance the cleaning effect, a liquid film of water or a water-alcohol mixture can be applied to the surface before laser irradiation. The rapid heating of the liquid film by the laser triggers explosive vaporization, generating shock waves that dislodge and remove dirt from the substrate.

Advantages and Future Potential

Laser cleaning technology offers unparalleled advantages for high-grade stone material cleaning. Its precision, environmental friendliness, and ability to clean intricate structures make it an ideal choice for the stone cleaning industry. With ongoing technological advancements, laser cleaning has the potential to revolutionize the field by offering improved efficiency, increased applicability, and enhanced cleaning capabilities.


In conclusion, laser cleaning technology has emerged as a remarkable solution for cleaning stone surfaces. Its unique mechanisms and synergistic cleaning effects allow for the efficient removal of dirt particles, even from within micropores. The precision and environmental benefits of laser cleaning make it an indispensable tool in the stone cleaning industry. As technology continues to advance, the future holds even greater potential for laser cleaning in this field.

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Laser Cleaning Technology: Advancing Stone Surface Cleaning
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