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The Advancing Role of Laser Cleaning in Intelligent Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Laser cleaning technology has emerged as a crucial manufacturing technique in the high-end manufacturing industry, including battery manufacturing, due to its environmental friendliness and effectiveness. With the goal of carbon neutrality gaining traction and industrialization accelerating, laser cleaning has become a prominent technology in the 21st century. By utilizing laser beams with their high energy density, controllable direction, and strong convergence ability, laser cleaning can efficiently remove pollutants such as oil stains, rust spots, dust residues, and coatings from workpiece substrates.

This article explores the application of laser cleaning technology in the intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries, particularly in pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, and battery assembly processes.

Electrode Laser Cleaning:

In lithium battery production, the positive and negative current collectors (aluminum foil and copper foil, respectively) need to be cleaned to ensure their purity and stability within the battery. Traditional wet ethanol cleaning methods can be damaging and inefficient. Laser cleaning offers a more efficient and resource-saving alternative, enabling real-time monitoring of cleaning process data and ensuring consistent and high-quality electrode batches.

Laser Cleaning Before Battery Welding:

Laser welding has become commonplace in power battery production lines, as it offers durable and reliable welds. To ensure successful welding, a clean and uniform surface is essential. Laser cleaning is employed before welding processes to remove pollutants from welding joints, enhancing welding quality and reducing costs. It finds applications in cleaning sealing nails, adapters, poles, single-cell films, silica gel, and coatings, resulting in improved welding outcomes.

Laser Cleaning During Battery Assembly:

To prevent safety incidents, lithium battery cells undergo external glue treatment for insulation, short-circuit prevention, circuit protection, and scratch prevention. Laser cleaning is used to remove dirt, dust, oxide layers, and other contaminants from battery pack trays, electrophoretic paint on the upper cover, sealant oxide layers, and protective bottom plates. This environmentally friendly cleaning method ensures proper adhesion of the glue without generating harmful pollutants, aligning with the emphasis on environmental protection.

Ideal Solution for Cleaning Battery Pack Covers:

Electrophoretic paint is commonly applied to battery pack covers for decoration and corrosion protection. However, there are instances where the electrophoretic paint film needs to be removed without damaging underlying layers. Beijing JCZ Technology's Power Battery Box Cover Laser Cleaning Workstation provides an ideal solution for this cleaning challenge. It incorporates a shrapnel fixture structure with 108 independent compression positions, controlled by a high-precision robot with a vibrating mirror and a laser rangefinder. This workstation ensures 100% cleaning efficiency without damaging the galvanized layer under the electrophoretic coating.

Furthermore, the Beijing JCZ Technology Power Battery Box Cover Laser Cleaning Workstation offers batch cleaning capabilities, effectively removing rust, oil, metal particles, dust, and more. It features automation, non-contact cleaning, high precision, and minimal or no damage, making it an optimal choice for cleaning battery pack covers.

The workstation also includes a self-developed handheld laser cleaning machine, providing dual application options of manual handheld or automatic cleaning with a manipulator. With a remarkable cleaning coating thickness of 0.035mm, it achieves 100% cleaning efficiency without damaging the galvanized layer beneath the electrophoretic coating. Additionally, the laser housing is made of special aluminum alloy, facilitating easy disassembly and maintenance.

As the lithium battery manufacturing industry continues to expand, ensuring high-quality consistency and precise process control becomes increasingly vital. Beijing JCZ Technology strives to provide customer-oriented solutions, innovation, and complete intelligent manufacturing equipment solutions to address welding and cleaning challenges. The Power Battery Box Cover Laser Cleaning Workstation represents an investment in the future of lithium battery manufacturing, showcasing Beijing JCZ Technology's commitment


Laser cleaning technology is a game-changer in the intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries. It effectively removes pollutants, enhances welding quality, and ensures proper adhesion, contributing to a sustainable and high-quality manufacturing process.

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The Advancing Role of Laser Cleaning in Intelligent Lithium Battery Manufacturing
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