Laser Paint Remover | Paint Laser Stripping Machine

The Laser Paint Remover, also known as the Paint Laser Stripping Machine, is a cutting-edge machine for the paint stripping process in various industries. Painting is an essential method in industrial settings to protect metal materials, provide decoration, signage, and other special purposes. However, paint can deteriorate over time due to exposure to air, moisture, and temperature, leading to aesthetic issues and a decrease in metal corrosion resistance. Regular repainting is necessary, with paint stripping being the crucial step before the repainting process. Our Laser Paint Remover utilizes a laser beam to irradiate the painted surface, causing instant evaporation or expansion of the paint layer, resulting in a clean and efficient stripping process. This technology offers several advantages:

  • Non-contact method: It allows for easy cleaning of complex shapes, holes, grooves, and other hard-to-reach areas that traditional cleaning methods struggle to reach.
  • Precision processing: The laser can selectively remove paint from specific areas of the substrate, providing precise and targeted cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: Chemical agents are not required, and the solid powder generated during paint removal can be collected and processed through a vacuum system.
  • Cost-effective: The laser cleaning machine adopts a laser with an exceptionally long lifespan, typically lasting up to 100,000 hours. It offers stable quality and high reliability. The process has no consumables, and maintenance costs are low, approaching maintenance-free operation. Only periodic cleaning or replacement of lenses is required.

2024 Best Laser Paint Remover for Sale !

Mini Luggage Multi-function Laser Cleaner – HCP-L Series


Backpack Multi-function Laser Cleaner – HCP-B Series


Plastic Luggage Multi-function Laser Cleaner – HCP-PL Series


Mobile Multi-function Laser Cleaner – HCP Series


Laser Paint Removal & Stripping Applications

HCP Pulsed vs HCC CW Laser for Laser Paint Removal.

HCP Series HCC Series
Laser Type Pulsed Fiber Laser CW Fiber Laser
Laser Power 50-1000W 1000W-6000W
Cooling Method ≤300W: Air Cooled ≤1200W: Air Cooled
≥300W: Water Cooled. ≥1200: Water Cooled.
Damage to Material Zero Nearly Zero
Machine Weight From 10kgs. From 30kgs.
Machine Cost ≈4000-200000$ ≈5000-20000$
Rust Removal
Because of Cost-effectiveness
Paint Removal
Oil Removal
Coating Removal
Other Contaminants Removal

Laser Paint Remover FAQs

What is Laser Paint Remover Price?
Mini Luggage Multi-function Laser Cleaner – HCP-L Series
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