CW Laser Cleaner & Rust Laser Remover - HCC Series

HCC series rust laser remover and cleaner are equipped with 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W high power continuous wave fiber lasers and a high-speed cleaning head. It is the ideal choice for cleaning and removing rust, from the surface of both metal and non-metal materials. With a handheld and portable design, it becomes more and more popular in many industrial, military, and aerospace fields.

Our Laser Rust Removal Machine Price is very competitive. We are very glad that our laser rust removal machine price will help you to drive your business success!

Air Cooled Mini Rust Laser Remover – HCC-L Series


Mini Mobile Rust Laser Remover – HCC-M Series


Mobile Rust Laser Remover – HCC Series


Laser Rust Removal Applications

HCP Pulsed vs HCC CW Laser for Laser Rust Removal.

HCP Series HCC Series
Laser Type Pulsed Fiber Laser CW Fiber Laser
Laser Power 50-1000W 1000W-6000W
Cooling Method ≤300W: Air Cooled ≤1200W: Air Cooled
≥300W: Water Cooled. ≥1200: Water Cooled.
Damage to Material Zero Nearly Zero
Machine Weight From 10kgs. From 30kgs.
Machine Cost ≈4000-200000$ ≈5000-20000$
Rust Removal
Because of Cost-effectiveness
Paint Removal
Oil Removal
Coating Removal
Other Contaminants Removal

Laser Rust Remover FAQs

What is the Laser Rust Remover Price?
The cost of a laser rust remover is largely dependent on the power of its laser source, with prices ranging from $3,599 to $19,999.
Air Cooled Mini Rust Laser Remover – HCC-L Series
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