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Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning: Advancing Semiconductor Surface Cleaning

Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning has emerged as a novel and advantageous process for semiconductor surface cleaning. This innovative approach offers unique benefits in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety. Semiconductor surface cleaning plays a crucial role in semiconductor processing to ensure high purity and reliable performance of electronic components.

Traditional Semiconductor Surface Cleaning

Traditionally, chemical cleaning processes have been employed, involving specific steps and operating specifications. These steps include surface pretreatment, selection of cleaning solutions based on semiconductor surface materials, control of cleaning time, choice of appropriate cleaning methods (such as spraying, soaking, or ultrasonic), and a final rinse to remove residual cleaning solutions.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning: A Game-Changer

Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning, a new and exciting process, has captured the attention of engineers in the field. This method harnesses the physical properties of CO2, which transforms into a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-flammable liquid at a critical temperature when cooled at constant pressure. By utilizing this process, traditional organic solvent cleaning methods can be replaced, as liquid carbon dioxide effectively removes surface dirt and debris without leaving behind any organic compounds or pollutants.

Common Methods for Semiconductor Surface Dust Cleaning

The following methods are commonly employed for semiconductor surface dust cleaning:

  1. Air Blowing: High-pressure air is used to quickly and conveniently blow off dust from the surface. Care must be taken to control the pressure and direction of airflow to avoid damaging the chip.
  2. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning: Also known as snowflake cleaning, this dry cleaning method involves low-temperature blasting of liquid carbon dioxide to remove dust.

Wide Range of Applications

The liquid carbon dioxide cleaning process finds applications in various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, electronic component production, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, precision machinery manufacturing, and more. The versatility of this process stems from the unique physical properties and superior performance of carbon dioxide. As a non-toxic, non-flammable liquid, liquid carbon dioxide cleaning eliminates organic compounds and other pollutants while efficiently removing surface dirt and debris.


In summary, liquid carbon dioxide cleaning has revolutionized semiconductor surface cleaning and offers significant advantages. Its broad scope of applications and suitability for diverse cleaning needs, with a focus on efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety, make it an exceptional choice. As the technology continues to advance, liquid carbon dioxide cleaning holds immense potential for further transforming semiconductor processing and other industries.

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Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning: Advancing Semiconductor Surface Cleaning
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