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Say Goodbye to Rust with Laser Cleaning for Cars | Laser Rust Removal

With the increasing focus on environmental protection and the demand for more efficient manufacturing and maintenance processes, laser rust removal car technology has become integral to the industrial landscape. Laser cleaning technology offers a green, efficient, and cost-effective solution for cleaning and maintaining various industrial parts. This article explores the application of laser cleaning car technology in locomotive brake disc manufacturing and maintenance.

The Significance of Laser Cleaning for Locomotive Brake Discs:

The brake disc plays a pivotal role in the locomotive braking system, but its manufacturing and maintenance processes have traditionally relied on manual labor. Manual polishing is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and poses health risks due to generated dust and noise. Moreover, varying skill levels among maintenance personnel lead to inconsistent cleaning quality and potential part damage. To address these challenges, the development of a fully automatic laser rust removal car for locomotive brake discs is crucial for enhancing efficiency and quality.

Laser Cleaning Car Equipment and Objects:

The laser cleaning system utilized in this experiment comprises a fiber laser, beam shaping system, robot, workbench, and auxiliary equipment. The laser cleaner equipped with a fiber laser features a built-in cooling system, ensuring good beam quality, long service life, stable performance, and maintenance-free operation. It finds versatile application in laser cleaning across various fields.

Material Analysis and Rust Assessment:

The Q345E material is used for the brake disc, and the national standard GB8923-88 is employed to evaluate the degree of rust on the part. The analysis reveals rust on the steel surface, along with corrosion of the oxide skin. Based on the assessment, the rust level is categorized as level B. Multiple measurements yield an average rust layer thickness of approximately 23μm. The uneven rust distribution on the surface is attributed to varying wear and rust degrees during brake disc operation.

Quality Analysis of Brake Disc After Laser Cleaning:

Through process parameter optimization, a comparative analysis between the properties of the material and the parent material after laser cleaning is conducted to assess the effects on the brake disc's surface.

Results and Findings:

Post laser rust removal car treatment, the overall dimensions of the brake disc remain largely unchanged. Electron microscope observations reveal a height difference of approximately 22.78μm between the surfaces before and after cleaning. Laser cleaning effectively removes surface rust and oxide scale while reducing the brake disc's surface roughness. Within the acceptable error range, these results demonstrate the efficacy of laser cleaning technology for locomotive brake discs.

Enhanced Surface Quality:

Laser cleaning significantly improves the surface quality of the brake disc. The surface roughness decreases from 5.62μm to 1.98μm, with the average roughness value after cleaning falling below the national standard requirement of 3.2μm. The cleaned brake disc surface appears smooth and clean, free from residual rust or oxide scale, thereby contributing to an extended service life.

Maintained Microstructure:

Under electron microscope observation, the microstructure of the brake disc's surface after laser cleaning exhibits uniformity without visible damage or deformation. The laser cleaning process does not induce phase transformation or affect the material's crystal structure. These findings confirm that laser cleaning preserves the brake disc's microstructure and maintains its original material properties.


In conclusion, laser cleaning technology proves to be an effective method for cleaning and maintaining locomotive brake discs. It enhances efficiency, quality, and surface characteristics, contributing to the longevity and reliability of these crucial components. Incorporating laser cleaning car technology in manufacturing and maintenance processes offers numerous benefits and paves the way for a greener and more efficient industrial landscape.

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Say Goodbye to Rust with Laser Cleaning for Cars | Laser Rust Removal
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